Do You Want To Create Amazon PayPal US & UK Bank Stripe Account From Pakistan?

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We are offering the winning combination of services a business needs to grow internationally.

US Company Registration

To signup and create any account from Pakistan, first you need to have a registered company in the US. That’s how you will be able to open PayPal, Stripe, Amazon and US Bank accounts on behalf of your company.

US Bank Account

You don’t need to travel to the United States for opening the Bank Account. Because, physical presence is mandatory for bank account opening in the US. But, with Zaman Digitalization you can open a US Bank account from Pakistan.

EIN Number / Tax ID

You will be asked for company’s EIN number while signing up for Paypal, Stripe or Amazon business account which we will provide in this package.

What is EIN Number?
Employer Identification Number is a unique number issued by IRS department. This is also called Tax ID number because you will need this number while filing your company’s tax returns.

The Package

Company Formation + Tax ID + Bank Account

For Just $499

Unlimited company name search, No State Fee, No Registered Agent Fee

Add-on Services

We serve you with all possible tools you need to access the global market.

Your own Address in United States.

US Address is required for Company Registration and Bank Account, you can also provide your US address to Paypal and Stripe. You can use your address of your friends & family but, if that’s not the case we will provide you a US address service where your documents will be received, scanned and emailed to you quickly.

Your Mobile Number In the US.

What number you’ll provide to Paypal, Stripe and services like that to get OTPs? No need to Worry About. We also provide US Phone Numbers which you will be able to use through a mobile app and start receiving OTPs, text messages and calls right away. You can also call/text in the US and Canada for FREE.